Band Type Cutting & Bevelling Machines

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The SMC Crawlers and Bands from Sawyer set the industry standard for large diameter pipe cutting and beveling. Ideal for cutting in tight spaces, the unique right angle drive attachment for this pipe beveling machine allows you to cut with only 6 inches of clearance in the bell hole, and the flexible stainless steel beveling bands on this pipe cutter adapt to any situation and permit the crawler to smoothly and consistently cut and bevel pipe. In addition, the Sawyer beveling band and bug features the fastest motor in the industry, cutting at three times the speed of a typical acetylene cut with any other pipe cutting machine. These Band Type Pipe Beveling Machines are lightweight and adaptable to multiple pipe sizes and allow single-operator setup on pipes as large as 48 inches in diameter. Furthermore, all Sawyer pipe beveling machines have multiple accessories available to assist in getting any pipe cutter job done quickly and properly. The designs of these SMC Crawlers and Bands are often copied, but the quality of Sawyer’s pipe beveling equipment can’t be beat. With the fastest speed, the largest size, and the most accuracy, Sawyer pipe beveling tools and pipe cutting machines are the clear choice.

Key Features:

  • Bands for pipe sizes 6″ and larger
  • Large beveling bands for pipe sizes 60″-144″ and larger
  • Special order oversized bands for ARO and extra coated pipe
  • Bands conforms to out-of-round pipe and mounts anywhere on the pipe
  • Single operator setup and operation on pipes up to 48″
  • Flexible 9′ or 14′ drive shaft (whip)
  • One crawler fits all band sizes
  • Crawlers are precision cast aluminum for rugged strength
  • Right Angle Drive kit provides minimal 6″ clearance
  • Cordless motorized drive optional
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • 1 year warranty