Bare Foam Pigs (Scraper)

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Foam Pigs are made from open cell polyurethane foam. All can be supplied as straight foam (Swab) or with Sealed base, bevelled (for ease of launching) or sealed & bevelled.  All sizes from 1” are available, including custom sizes & HDPE pipe sizes.  Smaller ‘Foam Pellets’ are available down to 6mm.  Foam pigs are primarily used for drying and sweeping of loose debris, gauging (if gauge plate fitted) of internal pipe conditions prior to extensive pigging, sealing behind a stuck pig, batching operations and product removal.

5 Density Grades Available:

  • Light @ 15Kg/M3
  • Low @ 27Kg/M3
  • Intermediate @ 42Kg/M3
  • Medium @ 80Kg/M3
  • Heavy Density @ 128Kg/M3


Product Video

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