BoltEx - Hot Bolting

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The SRJ BoltEx is intended to facilitate safe flange bolt replacement during normal operations also known as “hot bolt” capability. Boltex can also give assurance in cases of degraded flange connections by providing flange reinforcement for extended periods. BoltEx is a safe and cost-effective solution to ensure flange joint integrity in the event of damage or during bolt replacement.

Product Features:

  • Designed to accommodate flange connections in alignment with ASME PCC 2, ASME VIII, and ASME B16.5
  • Unique Gasket Protection System (GPS) ensures that flange gasket compression is maintained constant throughout; the flange remains sealed, the gasket undamaged.
  • Compact and lightweight design allows simple installation by only 1 or 2 personnel.
  • Reusable for multiple hot-bolt applications.
  • BoltEx can remain installed to provide flange integrity assurance to next shutdown.


Key Uses:

  • Corrosion bolted joints visually indicating loss of integrity
  • Integrity is Unknown bolted joints with integrity issues and limit records and history.
  • Hot-bolting – allows all joints to have bolts safely replaced whilst operating saving significant costs in not having to shutdown
  • Lightweight – compact and quick to install – SRJ BoltEx (patent pending) is a flange compression unit able to extend the flange lifetime and enable online bolt removal and replacement
  • No loss in production – or disturbance in operation – improved Asset Integrity
  • Designed – in accordance with ASME B16.5 to suit any standard flanges in almost any size, service, and pressure rating
  • Optimal contact surface area – ensures no damage or misalignment upon installation
  • Easy Installation – no UTM or hydraulic power supply required – minimum number of components and steps for the installation enables faster job completion
  • Maintain Joint Integrity – spacers are used to pre-load the clamp without any risk of crashing the flange gasket. The required torque can then be applied on the new bolts safely and efficiently



lightweight design aids installation; smart design allows assembly in both horizontal and vertical applications; smaller flange sizes only require 1-2 installers; simple design ensures safe and fast installation; back-stop prevents over compression of flange gasket.

Robust Design – design validated using finite element analysis and extensive testing; can take the full loading of the flange even with the flange bolts removed – ASME PCC-1; enables prolonged application until system shutdown is possible; enables bolts to be replaced with new.

Compact & Reusable – Applicable to restricted locations and enables space efficient storage and transportation; designed for fast and efficient installation and handling; easy to remove and reinstall multiple times.


1. Immediate Intervention
Corroded bolts can be replaced immediately after BoltEx is installed (in accordance with ASME PCC-2 Hot Bolting)

2. Extended Flange Lifetime
BoltEx can be left installed as a preventative measure on the flanges with heavily corroded bolts that are impossible to retrieve/replace. In the case of the bolt failure BoltEx will safely take the load preserving joint integrity.

3. Asset Monitoring
Optional integrated sensors will enble remote/continuous asset condition monitoring, providing the operator with additional level of safety and certainty in the joint integrity

Technical Specifications:

  • All flange sizes and ratings as per ASME B16.5 – see product line datasheet
  • Operating temperature and pressure ranges in alignment with ASME B16.5