Conical Cup Pigs (Scraper)

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Conical cup type batching pigs are used for standard pigging operations such as filling and dewatering during hydrostatic testing, routine batching operations and product removal. They are available in sizes from 2” through to 48” with standard designs of 2-cup, 3-cup, and 4-cup. Conical cup pigs can also be equipped with brushes, blades or gauging plates, allowing it to perform all the duties of batching, gauging, hydrostatic testing, product removal, pre-commissioning and on-stream cleaning. The conical cup design allows for negotiation of varying internal pipe diameters and up to 15% reductions or deformations in nominal same size pipe. Conical cup pigs can easily be configured with discs in lieu of cups or adding guide, sealing and spacer discs for additional sealing capabilities.

Also Available:

• Pig Trains – custom made to your requirements
• Articulated pigs
• Dual diameter pigs

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