Electrofusion Alignment Clamps

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The Hy-Ram Electrofusion alignment clamps cover the range 16mm-400mm diameter. The clamps are easy to use and their robust construction has made them favourites among both specifiers and field operatives.

EFRAC 250 Restraining and Alignment Clamp (180-250mm)
EFRAC 315 Restraining and Alignment Clamp (250-315mm)
Strong, robust ‘original’ style clamp with liners suitable for clamping straight and reducing fittings.  Liners 200mm-250mm.

Extremely rigid and powerful Clamp available in two Kit options and with the option of additional accessories.

New… ‘Click-tight’ liners for quick and easy adjustment for different pipe diameters… screws and allen keys are not required!
The standard Clamp caters for straight and reducing fittings, whilst the Delux Clamp can also handle elbows. Both kits come in a tough carry-bag and have the option of additional size liners and a 90° arm attachment to enable the use of a third clamp ring for welding 90° equal tees.