Excalibur Cold Cutting Machine

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Have a large cutting requirement? Talk to us about a custom made Excalibur Cold Cutting Machine!

The Excalibur cold cutting machine is an excellent tool for both field and shop applications. Perfect for cutting pipe in explosive environments such as refineries or on gas / oil pipelines’.
The Excalibur has been completely redesigned to achieve maximum compatibility with modern pipework applications and is available for purchase or long / short  term rental through PSSS.

Key Features:

  • Cuts pipe up to 2” (50mm) thickness
  • Bevels high tensile stainless-steel pipe
  • Market leader in cutting and bevelling
  • Manufactured in the EU, to EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/ EC,
  • Cuts and bevels most machinable materials; carbon steel, stainless steel, ductile iron, cast iron and most other alloys without spark or flame.
  • The heavy-duty chain tensioning mechanism is encased in a high strength alloy frame provides the required rigidity and strength for cutting the pipe at the highest travel speed possible.
  • The frame of the Excalibur has six wheel positions to follow the radius of the pipe and allow tracking accuracy on a 36” pipe of better than 0.3mm
  • Equipped with a two-speed drive gearbox providing positive movement of the machine around the pipe in all cutting conditions
  • No out-of-round compensation is required as the machine follows the pipe’s outside diameter, producing an even and consistent cut.
  • The drive chain can be adjusted to accommodate pipes from 6” to 5 meters in diameter (and beyond).
  • Driven by two highly reliable, heavy duty pneumatic air motors; a 2.75KW motor coupled to the heavy-duty transmission rotating the cutting blades up to 71RPM and a 56KW motor connected to the two speed transmission which moves the machine around the pipe.
  • Beveling blades in various configurations; 30°/ 37.5° beveling angles and ‘U’ joint and ‘J’ prep included
  •  A 10 bar @ 4000l/m Compressor is required for operation.
  • Works in the most extreme temperatures

Product Video

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