Hot Tapping Machines

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Hot tapping machines offer unparalleled performance with our range carrying some of the most reliable, durable, efficient and precise hot tapping machines on the market. Our range
of high pressure hot tapping machines have a high working pressure of 5000 psi making them ideal for the most challenging pipeline operations.  The Mirage hot tapping machines can be used for a wide range of applications across both steel and HDPE including:

  • Transmission pipelines
  • Water mains pipelines
  • Wellhead maintenance
  • Construction tie-ins
  • Gas distribution
  • Subsea pipelines
  • Petrochemical pipelines
  • Valve installation & repair
  • Temporary isolation


Our equipment provides a variety of solutions for both water and gas applications for drilling, tapping, valve insertion and flow stopping. The under pressure drills are perfect for lower pressure gas and water applications with the range covering up to 16 Bar (232psi) working pressure.