Items for Sale HDPE Suitable

A non corroding, non-metallic casing spacer for Pipe-in-Pipe (PIP) applications such as slip lining and cased crossings for all medium to heavy weight pipe materials including steel, DICL, MSCL, GRE, PVC and HDPE. Suitable for all diameters from 100mm OD to 1600mm OD and beyond by addition of multiple segments.

Key Features:

  • Made from Kwik-ZIP’s engineered thermoplastic blend with high flexural strength, high temperature resistance, low co-efficient of friction, abrasion resistance and outstanding chemical resistance.
  • Integrated rubber grip pads under collars to prevent slippage.
  • No requirement to pre-wrap pipe.
  • Load sharing suspension system allowing heavy loads to be shared across multiple runners reducing point loading and increasing the overall load capacity of the spacer.
  • Minimises spacer weight bearing capacity and reduces point loading via a unique load sharing runner system.
  • Ability to combine different runner heights in the same spacer ring to assist in borehole grade correction.
  • Larger diameters are accommodated by joining additional segments.
  • Requires only a flat blade screwdriver for installation.