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No matter how extreme the weather, Fast Fusion MobileFusion Trac (MFT) machines handle the pipe effectively without the use of tents or containers. The pipe is strung joint-to-joint on the right-of-way and the MFT machine moves forward straddling the pipe. The FastLoad® self-loading front boom is used to pick up the pipe and load the pipe into the fusion machine. The machine welds the pipe using industry-known pipe fusion equipment and the fully automatic Fast Fusion® weld cooling temperature control is applied. The machine then simply moves through the pipe to the next pipe joint to be joined. It all comes down to time saved – money earned. It is the safest way to fuse pipe.

Key Features:

Caterpillar® engine provides the power to move through the pipes assuring confidence of a quality power plant.
• Track pads are rubber, yielding less footprint disturbance.
• The MFT 12 eliminates any need for a tent, giving assurance of quality welds and no wasted time.
• Interior Cooling and Heating features ensure a climate-controlled cabin needed for maximum efficiency.

FastLoad® Patented System
• Pipes are placed in a line, end to end. No need to double handle each stick of pipe.
• The MFT12 drives to the pipe, loads the pipe onto the roller assembly – eliminating the need for ground staff.
• Fast Fusion trains the operator.
• Gates at the entry and exit points of the pipe are in direct alignment with the loading system.

Climate and Environment Controlled Cab
• Operators should have temperature control to allow them to be more productive.
• Visibility to all parts of the machine with 360° windows.
• No need for tents or containers to manage the environment of fusing pipe. No wasted time moving extra equipment around the job site to protect the fusion process.
• Fast Fusion technology increases speed of fusion welding by 70% which means more welds per hour than any system in the world.

Weld Cooling Times are the Fastest in the Industry

  • Up to 70% faster than other methods with quality documentation = more sticks per hour.
  • Fast Fusion patented technology causes the weld cooling to take place quickly with no risk to quality.
  • The Fast Fusion® proprietary software defines the time for cooling each pipe.
  • Wait times are reduced up to five times less than conventional fusion machine.


Fast Fusion’s MobileFusion Trac technology will dramatically increase the production capacity and number of fusion welds produced per hour over any other machine offered in the industry and is backed by Fast Fusion’s THREE year warranty!

When you step up to Fast Fusion’s MobileFusion Trac, you step into increased safety, quality, efficiency, and productivity.


Product Video

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