Pipeline Blockage Detection Tool

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Blockages and obstructions in pipelines can result in significant losses in revenue and severe disruption to operations. It is often therefore critical to correctly identify the location of any blockages or obstructions to allow swift remedial actions to be taken. Pipeline Engineering undertakes blockage and obstruction detection in pipelines.  This process can involve using our Acoustek® tool, a specialist tool that allows immediate assessment and analysis of pipelines to accurately identify and locate any blockages or obstructions. To locate the blockages or obstructions in a pipeline Acoustek® uses a patented technique of transmitting acoustic waves down the pipeline and the pattern of reflected waves is analysed. The results allow the field engineer to determine the location of the blockage or obstruction.

Key Features:

  • As a temporary installation to detect blockages, obstructions or other features in a pipeline.
  • As a permanent installation to continuously monitor a pipeline and detect changes such as the build-up of hydrate blockage or wax deposit.
  • Location of partially closed valves.
  • Location of stuck pigging tools and plugs
  • Location of dents, hydrates, wax and scale.