Spring Return Tensioners

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The HTL range of Spring Return Tensioners have been designed to ultimately increase and improve the productivity and safety of the operator. The spring return design enables automatic piston retraction at the end of the tensioning sequence, ensuring the tools are prepared and ready for the next cycle.

In comparison to manual return tensioners, our range of Spring Return Tensioners allow greater efficiency and warrant ease of use for the operator due to the improved design including the anti-slip tool surface to enhance grip. The design also incorporates dual ports which allow the operator to daisy chain multiple tensioners together, removing the need and expense of ‘T’ pieces.

All models within the range have a stroke of 10mm and cover ranges from 1” – 4” & M24 – M100 bolts, making them suitable for use on a vast range of flange sizes. They also offer both metric and imperial inserts as well as oversized versions for coated studs.

Features and Benefits

  • Designed to fit BS/ANSI/API flanges
  • Max tool pressure – 21,750 psi (1,500 bar working pressure)
  • Automatic spring return piston retraction
  • Maximum stroke indicator
  • Covers bolt ranges from 1” – 4” & M24 – M100


Product Video

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