Steel Multi-Disc Pigs (Scraper)

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The multi-disc series of pigs allow for excellent sealing capabilities for performing the duties of batching, gauging, product removal, pre-commission and on-stream cleaning, or any pigging operation requiring bidirectional use. When equipped with a gauging plate, the pig is used to prove pipe roundness and to ensure excessive weld penetration or debris does not exist. Multi-disc pigs can also be used to prove minimum bend radius prior to intelligent pig use. Sturdy carbon-steel body equiped with easily replaceable urethane guide, sealing and spacer discs. Capable of being fitted with gauging plate and brushes or urethane blades providing 360-degree coverage of internal pipe surface. Multi-Disc Pigs are usually configured wtih 2 x guide discs and 4 x seeling discs. Also available РDual Pigs & Pig Trains (UPON ENQUIRY)


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