Tube Cleaning System

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The capabilities of the Tube Clean system have been extensively evaluated and the system was found to be very effective in the elimination of contaminants from hydraulic assemblies. The success of the technique is due to the design of the projectiles and the way in which they are propelled through assemblies. The system works by pneumatically launching a special foam projectile that is 20% larger than the internal diameter of the hose tube or pipe to be cleaned. As the projectile moves forward, driven by compressed air, it expands against the internal surface of the hose tube or pipe moving the contaminants in front of it, be they liquids or solids. It does not matter how many bends there are or whether they cross at right angles as long as both ends are open to the atmosphere at the same time. One end for the launcher to be butted up to, the other end is then free for the projectile and contaminants to be discharged.


Product Video

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