Clamshell Cutters / Split Frame Machines

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Low Clearance split frame pipe cutting and beveling machine that has been designed for cutting and beveling pipe efficiently. The machine can operate on materials and the ability to perform cuts with inserted tooling to reduce operating time. 

  • Efficiently cuts and bevels pipes

  • Slimline, adjustable combination cutting tool slides included as standard

  • Air 1.8Kw –3.0Kw or hydraulic motor drive options

  • Performs all operations in carbon steel, stainless steel, Hastelloy, Incolloyand Super Duplex

INCLUDED AS STANDARD WITH MACHINE The machine is supplied complete with the following items:

  • All clamping bases, mounting feet and extensions
  • Toolbox and hand tools for operating machine including cutting tools and inserts
  • Air Filter Lubricator
  • Hose, Valve and connections
  • Operating Manual
  • Shipping / Storage Box