SPC Pipe Coatings - Product Spotlight Series 2024

SPC Pipe Coatings - Product Spotlight Series 2024

Protecting Pipelines

Selecting the Appropriate Corrosion Coating Is Crucial for Pipeline Protection. Numerous businesses, such as the oil and gas, chemical processing, and water supply sectors, rely heavily on pipelines. However, corrosion is a persistent threat to these important assets, resulting in leaks, environmental harm, and expensive repairs. The use of corrosion coatings that are effective is crucial to protecting pipes from corrosion. The world of pipe corrosion coatings, its importance, and the reasons why SPC's products —like the SP-2888® RG epoxy/polyurethane hybrid coating and the SP-3888®FC fast cure epoxy coating—stand out as top options will all be covered in this article.


1. Understanding Pipe Corrosion

Corrosion is a natural process that occurs when metal is exposed to environmental elements such as moisture, oxygen, and contaminants. In pipelines, corrosion can occur internally and externally, compromising the integrity of the pipeline and posing serious risks.

2. The Role of Pipe Corrosion Coatings

Pipe corrosion coatings serve as a barrier of defense between the environment and the pipe's metal surface. These coatings contribute to pipeline longevity by keeping moisture, oxygen, and other corrosive substances from penetrating the metal and lowering the need for expensive repairs.

3. Why Choosing the Right Coating Matters

For optimal protection, choosing the right pipe corrosion coating is essential. The choice of coating is influenced by various factors, including the type of metal used in the pipeline, the application process, the environment, and regulatory requirements. Selecting the appropriate coating guarantees maximum protection against corrosion and adherence to industry standards.


SP-2888® RG Epoxy/Polyurethane Hybrid Coating

  • Up to 85˚C (185˚F), excellent resistance to cathodic disbonding
  • Excellent adherence to a range of surfaces
  • Outstanding resistance to abrasion, chemicals, and water absorption
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Single coat application of high build that is more over 50 mils
  • Eco-friendly, made entirely of solids, free of isocyanates;
  • Simple to apply using a spray, brush, roller, or cartridge
  • Meets or exceeds FBE coating performance requirements specified in Canadian (CSA Z245.20, CSA Z245.30), USA (NACE RP0394), and British (CW6) Standards


 SP-3888®FC Fast Cure Epoxy Coating

  • Fast cure for quick handling and return to service
  • Excellent chemical and water absorption resistance
  • Easily administered with cartridge dispensers
  • Superior wetting out properties
  • High abrasion and impact resistance
  • Designed for repair of damaged FBE and other liquid applied pipeline coatings
  • Excellent high temperature cathodic disbondment resistance up to 95˚C (203˚F)
  • Available in 50ml and 450ml Repair Cartridges


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