250mm Hydraulic Squeeze Off Tool (90-250mm)


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90-250mm PE Pipe Squeeze Off

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Squeeze-off tools are used to halt the flow of fluid or gas in a pipeline, allowing for repairs without the need for permanent modifications.

The SOU250 is a gas pipe squeeze off unit with pioneering ‘A’ frame design that is extremely lightweight yet very robust for ‘in-trench’ conditions. The frame folds & can be locked ‘flat’ for ease of carrying & transportation. The principle of operation is that the squeeze is carried out, the top and bottom beams are then mechanically locked together & then the ‘A’ Frame is detached & used in conjunction with a second beam set. Using this concept, all four squeeze points are accomplished using just one ‘A’ frame assembly & one power unit. Available in three options, as shown, with a pneumatic input / hydraulic output power unit, with a hydraulic hand-pump in lieu of the power unit and ‘spring return’ hydraulic cylinder or with an electric input /hydraulic output power unit. The top squeeze beam is fitted with ‘Pipe Stops’ to suit the diameter and wall thickness (SDR) of the pipe to be squeezed.

Different diameters can be accommodated by using the appropriate pipe stop setting to ensure the optimum squeeze gap. Stop sets can be purchased for the unit, please contact our sales team to discuss your requirements further.

Key Features:
  • Innovative modular design, facilitating up to four simultaneous squeeze points with one full kit
  • Hydraulic power options available – handpump, pneumatic/hydraulic unit or electric/hydraulic unit
  • Portable and compact A-Frame design
  • Long life hydraulic cylinder
  • Integral mechanical lock off mechanism
  • Bespoke kits available from one to four beamsets
      • SOU 250 Manual Squeeze Off Tool (Handpump)
      • SOU 250 Auto Hydraulic Squeeze Off Tool (Power Unit)
      • SOU 250 Squeeze Off Tool (Electric/Hydraulic Power Pack 110v + 220v) Single Beamset

      Squeeze Off Applied Marker Tape identifies when PE pipe has been squeezed and helps prevent re-squeeze.

      Click here to download our Squeeze Off Tools Specification Sheet.


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