32mm Squeeze Off Tool (16-32mm Manual Squeeze Off Tool)

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16-32mm PE Pipe Squeeze Off

The SOU32 is used to limit the flow in PE pipe. Different diameters can be accommodated by using the appropriate pipe stop setting to ensure the optimum squeeze gap.

Key features:

  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Robust
  • Zinc plated durable finish
  • Mechanical

We offer a range of squeeze off tools - some of our other manual sizes include:

Manual Sizes:

  • SOU16mm
  • SOU32mm (16,20,25,32 diameter)
  • SOU63mm (20,25,32,63 diameter)
  • SOU125mm (63,75,90,110,125 diameter)

The unit is fitted with safety check screws to prevent accidental release and also incorporates a jack spring return mechanism. For safety the hydraulic system has an integral pressure relief valve. ‘Pipe stops’ are used on the unit for each diameter/SOR combination thus ensuring the optimum ’Squeeze gap’.