4" IPS - 18" IPS (100mm - 450mm) Low Profile Rollers

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Our Low Profile Rollers are a modular pipe roller designed to make pulling 4”IPS — 18” IPS (100mm — 450mm) diameter thermoplastic pipe easier and to minimize drag on the pipe. Perfectly paired with other McElroy productivity enhancing tools, such as the PolyHorse, the rollers are tip-resistant, allow for curved pulls of pipe over considerable distances and provide no resistance to external fusion joint beads moving across the roller. The Low Profile Rollers are packaged in a “nested” crate that contains 40 complete roller assemblies.

Key Features:

  • Model Specifications - A1867502 - Roller Set (Includes 2 individual rollers)
    Pipe Sizes - 4” IPS to 18” IPS pipe (100mm to 450mm)
    Roller - 2,000 lbs. (907.1 Kg) per pair of rollers

  • Minimises drag on the pipe and allows for curved pulls
  • Rolls easily, increasing productivity
  • Keeps pipe clean and off the ground
  • Sealed ball-bearing construction
  • Compact storage
  • Tip resistant
  • Minimises pipe damage