Fast Fusion Cool Pack 500

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Two Times More Productive Than Conventional Fusion

Cool Pack® machines are self contained and compact, with the ability to be easily transported to the field. 
 • Operator friendly – the connection time of the Cool Pack® to the fusion machine takes only minutes.
 • Skid mounting allows Cool Pack® to move along with the butt fusion welding equipment.
 • We have created an easy way to improve your productivity.

 Compressor pack and accessory kit
• Kit includes an umbilical connection to the diffuser box that applies air to the circumference of the HDPE weld.
• The Fast Fusion® Controller allows the operator to set the pipe weld cooling specifications for a guaranteed weld each time.

Various Cool Pack® sizes
• Sizes are available to accommodate from 4” (110mm) up to 79” OD (2000mm) HDPE pipe.
• We listen to your needs and that is why we offer multiple sizes.

Cool Pack® machines include Fast Fusion® technology for weld bead cooling plus a diesel engine. The complete innovative package allows the operator to DOUBLE the welds per hour by reducing fusion welding costs by 50%.

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