GeoEar Acoustic Amplifier

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CDI’s GeoEAR acoustic amplifier system allows a listener to hear extremely faint sounds at great distances using a geophone probe which is either inserted into the soil or placed in direct contact with the pipeline. The GeoEAR has the ability to amplify the sound of an approaching pipeline pig’s cups striking welds of a pipeline to an easily discernable level and under normal circumstances a pig can be heard approaching for miles.

Key Features:

• Hear pigs in pipelines up to ~2 miles away
• Separate volume control for speaker and headphones
• Non-breakable pushbutton keypad interface
• Rugged machined aluminium geophone housing
• Durable Pelican carrying case with built-in 5″ waterproof speaker
• Headphones and geophone probe supplied
• Auxiliary output to vehicle sound system for even greater audio clarity