GTAW Automated Welding System


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Automated Welding System – GTAW

Consistent and Clean Welding with High Deposition Rate

The orbital GTAW welding system, designed and developed in Texas, improves the weld quality and offers exceptional deposition rate to achieve faster and clean welding on a range of pipe sizes and materials. Applicable in the pipeline and other fabrication industries, our automated orbital welding models make welding easier, cleaner, and faster.

The orbital welding equipment is a high-performance solution—optimized for high deposition rate in GTAW—for achieving high productivity and high-quality welding. We have incorporated the users’ feedbacks and our years on experience in development and manufacturing of orbital pipe welding systems, and, as a result, our design is compatible for welding a range of metals, ranging from corrosion resistant to reactive.

Automated Solution to Achieve High Welding Rate and Reduce Cost of Operation

Dyna Torque Technology’s GTAW-compatible orbital welder is readily automated and mechanized that enhances the deposition rates and offer independent control of the arc and variables. The microprocessor control of the welding variables, including wire feed variables, allows unprecedented flexibility and eliminates the skills and training required for operation of GTAW; all such measures, cumulatively, cut the cost significantly.

The benefits our GTAW welding system offers:

  • Our GTAW welding system has application in a wide range of metals. Our equipment can help achieve the suitable metallurgical results and deposit chemistry in line of a project.
  • Preprogram all welding parameters in the computer-controlled orbital pipe welding design that offers full control over the operation from distance and ensure all welds are within parameters.
  • Get access to the real-time logging of the welding parameters, which makes project management easier.
  • Attain porous-free clean weld with low less filler material even with less experienced operator.
  • Consistent results during the welding regardless of the bevel configuration design.

The distinguishing factor that makes our orbital welding equipment a must have is our service; equipped with engineers with years of experience in the pipeline and fabrication industry, we can help you get a tailored product that fits perfectly with your requirements.