Guardian Manhole Seal Grease


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GUARDIAN Manhole Seal Grease is a non freezing sealing grease formulated specifically for preventing seizing of access covers. It is designed to facilitate the easy re-opening of covers. The grease is a Lithium soap based grease blended with insoluble mineral extenders and thickeners. It resists washout by water or organic fuels. It fills and seals minor blemishes in surfaces at points of contact. GUARDIAN Manhole Seal Grease is corrosion, heat and weather resistant and also accommodates some vibration and movement. It is an excellent moisture barrier, non hardening, non cracking, retaining its flexibility and plasticity over a wide temperature range. It will adhere and remain attached to clean sound metal, concrete plastic and rubber surfaces. GUARDIAN Manhole Seal Grease is used for waterproofing, sealing and prevention of seizure between access covers and frame lip surfaces.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for metal, concrete, plastic & rubber surfaces
  • Formulated specifically for preventing seizing of access covers
  • Non Hardening or cracking
  • Resists washout