Hot Tapping Machines and Line Stopping

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Mirage Hot Tapping Machines from Enerpac allow operators to attach branch connections and valves onto an operating pipeline. They work by cutting and removing the pipe wall without product loss, emissions, and disruption of service.

The design and construction of our hot tapping machines and line stop actuators remains true to the tried and tested technology used in the Mirage Machines range of portable machining tools. Industry-leading innovations include a helical gear drive located close to the cutting head, rotary pressure seals, and four fixed feeds.

LPHT-Series Hot Tapping Machines - Offering convenience and simplicity for low pressure hot tapping applications up to 285psi (20 bar).

MHT-Series Hot Tapping Machines - Designed for medium-pressure applications up to 1480 psi (102 bar).

The HTM- Series – Simple manually operated tools for medium-pressure applications on pipe diameters up to 4" (12-102 mm).

LSA-Series Line Stop Actuators - For pipeline isolation, allowing a temporary or permanent bypass to be added with no costly interruption of service.