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HTL Pro–46 Hydraulic Oil

HTL’s Pro–46 Hydraulic Oil is a premium quality, high performance blue hydraulic oil designed to be used in HTL’s range of Hydraulic Torque and Tension Pump Units. The oil incorporates a high-performance and improvement, carefully selected additive package which provides excellent anti-wear and extreme pressure properties as well as impressive thermal stability and corrosion protection. This product performs across a wide temperature range and its exceptional anti-wear, lubricity and film strength characteristics guarantee performance in hydraulic and circulation systems performing even in severe conditions.

HTL Pro-Moly

The Smart Bolting Lubricant – Coefficient of friction: 0.10

Pro-Moly is a metal-free, lithium based, anti-seize lubricant that safeguards against corrosion whilst offering enhanced load carrying performance and wear protection. Pro-Moly is ideally suited for the assembly and fitting of a wide range of threaded connections such as bolted connections. It offers a wide service temperature range and low, constant coefficient of friction ensuring that tightening torques can be calculated and applied accurately. This smart lubricant is durable, reliable, water resistant and versatile making it the number one choice for bolting lubricant.

HTL Pro-Copper – The High Performance Bolting Lubricant – Coefficient of friction: 0.11

Pro-Copper is a high temperature, anti-seize compound used to prevent seizure and galling during assembly even in the harshest pressure and temperature environments resulting in reduced assembly time. It also protects against rust, oxidisation and chemical attack. The unique combination of properties in Pro-Copper allows for the quick and easy assembly of threaded parts which also allows for accurate torque to be applied by reducing thread interference. Pro-Copper is suitable as an anti-seize lubricant for a wide range of aggressive conditions including application to pipe fittings and valves in the chemical and petrochemical industry, gas refining and oil drilling equipment. It also reduces wear in areas of high friction resulting in the easy breakout of threads, gaskets and packings. Due to its seizure protection qualities, maintenance work requiring routine or infrequent assembly and dismantling is made much easier and less costly.

HTL Pro-Complex – Multi-Purpose Grease

Pro-Complex is a lithium complex thickened blue coloured grease that has been developed as a multipurpose product recommended for use on industrial equipment where high temperatures are a challenge. Pro-Complex out performs conventional Lithium greases due to its exceptional mechanical stability to extend re-lubrication intervals and has excellent oxidation stability providing lasting lubrication in harsh high temperature environments. This multipurpose grease offers first rate mechanical wear resistance ensuring durability and reliability. It also has exceptional sealing properties which help protect bearings against corrosive atmospheres and it has a high degree of water tolerance when operating in wet conditions.