Hydraulic Nut Splitter

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The HTL range of Hydraulic Nut Splitters are the ideal tools for removing seized and corroded nuts, eradicating the need for unsafe grinding or flame cutting. They are designed with a single acting spring return cylinder and boast a 360 degree rotation, lockable handle improving operator safety. With all parts fully interchangeable, the HTL Hydraulic Nut Splitters are fully compatible with certain other brands. The heavy duty blades can also be easily removed to enable replacement blades to be fitted.

Key Features:

  • Designed to fit standard BS/ANSI flanges
  • Made in the UK
  • Triple edge exchangeable cutting blade
  • Blade positioning scale to eliminate bolt damage
  • Adjustable cutting depth achieved by rotating the cylinder
  • Sizes range from ¾” – 3 ½“ bolt diameters
  • Ergonomically designed and positioned handle
  • Single acting spring return cylinder