ICS Diamond PowerGrit Saw - Pneumatic, Hydraulic or Petrol

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ICS PowerGrit Utility Saw Chain is a revolutionary new product designed to change the way contractors cut water and sewage pipe. Offering a safer, faster and cheaper way of cutting ductile iron pipe and cast iron pipe, insituform pipe lining and asbestos pipe. The PowerGrit chains grind away the material using diamond technology, so offers a safer method of cutting.  It is also HSE approved for cutting asbestos pipe. This patented platform is designed to cut a variety of materials with it's revolutionary grinding technology from ductile iron to plastic with far less excavation.  The ability to cut all the way through one side radically reduces the difficulty of the job. Complete your next job safer, faster and easier with Powergrit Utility Saw. Various bar lengths 38cm/40cm, 50cm & 63cm.

Increased Safety

  • No rotational kickback toward operator
  • Unique diamond abrasive cutting design
  • Chain designed for smooth pipe cutting
  • Integrated wet cutting system

Improved Operator Control

  • No gyroscopic effect
  • Direct drive eliminates belt slippage

Reduced Excavation

  • Allows cutting from one side, reduced excavation under pipe
  • Hydraulic saw is fully submersible – no need drain trench

Product Video

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