Line Tamer Decoiling Trailer

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These de-coilers have been engineered & field tested for the most rugged of conditions, providing the industry with a new unrivalled, cost effective, efficient & safe approach to laying coiled polyethylene pipe. The incorporation of modern straightening technology provides safe & efficient installation, decreasing labour requirements & lowering risks involved with medium bore coiled polyethylene pipe. Our current fleet range has the ability to process pipe from 40mm in diameter up to a huge 125mm in diameter with a safe working load (SWL) of up to 500kg. Custom configurations & additional features can be optioned to tailor these products according to your requirements.

HDPE Decoiling Trailer – Turntable Type

  • 40-63mm dia pipe capacity
  • With 2″ McElroy Linetamer
  • Horizontal turntable type
  • 500kg SWL
  • 2,000kg ATM
  • Available for sale and hire

HDPE Decoiling Trailer – Vertical Cage Type

  • 90mm-125mm dia pipe capacity
  • Vertical cage type
  • Comes with 6″ ALT0048 McElroy Linetamer
  • Diesel HPU
  • Available for sale and hire