MF114 The Propeller™ - Twin Arm Flange Facing Machine

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Use this link to download the data sheet:

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An internally mounted, lightweight and robust flange facing machine using unique fixed gear system to create a cut with single point to produce continuous groove gramophone finishes across joint face that complies with ASME B16.5 Standard. Manually driven.

For machine repair and reproduction of a flange joint face. Raised faces within range of machine> 1” NB to 10” NB #150 -#2500 RF Flanges


  • Precision construction
  • Geared continuous groove facing feeds for a gramophone finish (ASME Standard)
  • Quick set independent base for improved on-site operation
  • Hardened slide ways to maintain long term accuracy
  • Swivel tool post
  • Twin facing Arm design for highly efficient operation and precise counterbalance.
  • 1 x Fine and 1 x Course finish -automatic feed
  • Retracting Facing Arms for smaller swing radius to suit tight access applications
  • Smaller Facing Arms can be provided for special applications where minimum swing is limited