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AGILITY.micro extends OMS’s inspection capabilities even further, allowing our state-of-the-art system to travel deep into the hardest-to-reach and narrowest parts of a pipeline. Thoroughly tested in multiple offshore projects throughout the world, OMS inspection technology provides an unrivalled level of weld quality information, enabling better decisions, improving pipeline integrity, increasing efficiency and offering long-term cost reductions. Our team is always available to discuss how OMS robotics could assist with your project.


Key features:

  • Adjustable for internal pipe diameters ø110 - 200 mm (4" - 8")

  • Capable of vertical and horizontal navigation

  • 1.5D bends up to 100 m - straight line potential up to 1 km

  • Front and rear driven modules with 6 x DC motors with proportional control, delivers high pulling force with precise positioning capabilities

  • Built-in compliant mechanisms adapts to variations in pipe shape and size whilst remaining centred in the pipe in all orientations