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The AUGA.node is our award-winning weld inspection system. Equipped with ultra HD cameras and state-of-the-art laser sensors, the AUGA.node provides clients with the most comprehensive information on the condition of a weld currently available. If you would like more information or have a weld inspection challenge, our team is always available to answer any queries.

Key benefits

  • Comprehensive weld information

  • Rapid, accurate decision-making in the field

  • Increase efficiency and reduce downtime and cut-outs

  • Access more welds than ever

  • Improve health and safety

  • Achieve project specifications

  • Improve pipeline integrity

  • Data gathered can be used for modelling and AI


The AUGA.node can be deployed via our AGILITY range of robotic crawlers, attached to the ILUC, attached to the internal FJC trolley or manoeuvred into place via push rods. Welds can be inspected in critical pipe sections such as spool pieces, steel catenary risers and stalk tie-ins, even in locations previously considered impossible to inspect.