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Several years of successful operation, our own experiences in the field and constructive feedback from our clients provided our R&D team with vital data that has allowed us to make significant improvements, which include

  • Wireless battery driven power to increase robustness and avoid cable issues

  • A new laser acquisition head equipped with the latest generation lasers, which are less prone to spurious readings related to reflective surfaces

  • Revised data post-processing algorithms based on lessons learnt from MK1 system

  • A redesigned laser head to reduce laser misalignment issues on site

  • Simplified rotational drive and more robust encoder

  • Faster cycle times for productivity

Already in use in current projects, the Bevel360 Mk 2 scans pipe ends in seconds, producing a 360° laser profile that provides operators with unrivalled insight into pipe bevel geometry, eliminating doubt about bevel compliance. BevelPro software provides an easy-to-understand user interface, recording all bevel profiles for traceability and decision making.

The Bevel360 Mk 2 measures most common bevel types and pipe sizes between 6” and 48” and wall thicknesses up to 50mm. Data is sent to the cloud where it is stored and can be accessed easily by authorised staff, from anywhere in the world.