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OMS has released an addition to SmartGrind that will remove any additional material from long-seam welded pipes, which is particularly beneficial before applying a liner or cladding. Any defects can be identified or remediated with targeted grinding, or the entire weld can be flushed. 

OMS SmartGrind is a state-of-the-art grinding system that solves weld defects at an early stage, ensuring any potential problems are identified and remedied rapidly. Welds are accessed via robotic crawler or attached to the ILUC, improving safety as no man-entry is required. Production can proceed efficiently with reduced need for expensive and time-consuming cut-outs.

A modular addition to our award-winning AUGA.node weld inspection system, SmartGrind uses a mounted flap disc to grind and shape welds, strengthening surfaces, improving coatability and ensuring they meet project specifications. SmartGrind is already in use in client projects, currently capable of travelling around 100m from point of entry and able to navigate some pipeline bends. Our aim is that the system will shortly be able to access every location that our AGILITY range crawlers can reach.