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Orbital Milling Machines

Orbital Milling Machines

Mirage Orbital Milling Machines from Enerpac deliver fast material removal and precision flatness tolerances across large diameters. The two types within the Enerpac range are:

OM-Series Orbital Milling Machines – ideal for a variety of in-situ machining applications.

WP-Series Orbital Milling Machines - designed specifically for manufacturers of wind turbine blades and towers.

Mirage Machines are a leading manufacturer of orbital milling machines for use in production machining or in situ machining alike. With a track record of delivering workshop quality tolerances time and again, we know that Mirages’ orbital milling machines can deliver on even the most demanding jobs. The rigid independent base on our machines are easy to set up and provide ultimate stability ensuring maximum performance with every use.  In addition to that, our machines offer a range of rotary and spindle cutting speeds to give the perfect finish, no matter what the application.

Key Features:

  • Wind turbine rotor blades
  • Pedestal crane and bearing faces
  • Hydroelectric stay ring and wear faces
  • Ship thruster flange faces
  • Dragline bearing faces
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