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Sawyer’s External Ratchet Cage Clamp is built with a focus on speed. Ratchet provides extra strength to align large diameter pipe. The ratchet mechanism makes it one of the best and most dependable pipe alignment clamp options available.

Quality steel construction provides the most rugged of specifications for consistent and accurate pipe-to-pipe fit-up jobs. Each clamp is hinged for easy placement on the pipe and is available in a tack or no-tack style. Flat, tack-style crossbars are flared to easily position pipes; the clamp must be removed after the tack weld to finish welding. Arched no-tack bars can increase quality and efficiency by allowing full 360-degree welding without removing the clamp.

This pipeline welding clamp is made with the operator’s safety and stability of the pipe in mind. With speed, simplicity and strength, the External Ratchet Alignment Clamp just gets the job done time and time again.

When you’re in the market for a pipeline clamp, look no further than Sawyer Manufacturing’s excellent line of pipe-to-pipe fit-up equipment. All Sawyer ratchet pipe clamps are constructed from solid materials for strength and durability and are built to last and accurately align pipe for years of dependable service in the field.

Key Features:

  • For pipe sizes through 60″
  • Crossbars options are flat (tack) or arched (no tack)
  • No tack design allows full 360 degree welding
  • Each clamp fits a specific pipe diameter
  • Ratchet mechanism administers greater strength and speed when aligning pipes
  • Left and right thread provides fast alignment
  • Positive, accurate alignment
  • Constructed of quality steel and thick head rings for rugged specifications
  • Can be used with Sawyer Spacing Tools, Jack Screw Wedges, and Hi-Lo Wedges
  • Manufactured in the USA


Product Data Sheet

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