Stackable Plastic Pipe Cones

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The invention of our Stackable Plastic Pipe Cones began when customers would continually face the same issue. From welders to coating companies everyone wanted to support and raise the pipe they were working on safely and efficiently. The standard metal pipe stands were too expensive and awkward while the wooden skids were bulky and not as safe. So along with our local manufacturer we came up with Prolines own plastic pipe stands and the results have spoken for themselves ever since.


  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Stackable for seamless transport and storage (up to 100 on a pallet)
  • Long lasting (Average life span of 6.5 years)
  • Economical compared to other options
  • Quick setup and teardown
  • Environmentally friendly (reusable and recyclable)
  • Keeps jobsites clean and clutter free
  • Three sizes for multiple pipe diameters
  • 5:1 Safety Ratio

Pipe Stands vs. Pipeline Skids

The reason the Proline stackable pipe stands have become so popular is because of their versatility and ease of use. Compared to pipeline skids our stands are much lighter and easier to maneuver which saves time and money in the field. On average, pipeline skids weigh 40 lbs and it usually takes 10 or more to safely support a pipe, our heaviest pipe stand is 42 lbs and only one is needed. They are also more reliable due to the 5:1 safety rating and a wide base so they remain stable.