Steel Mandrel Pigs

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Steel mandrel pigs are a more long-term, long-life pig. They consist of a steel mandrel body with easily replaceable sealing elements (cups or discs) and can be equipped with various brush types (spring-loaded, circular, wrap-around) for the cleaning and removing of deposits on the interior pipe wall. Standard configurations include cup, disc, multi-disc, conical cup, and various combinations. These options include adding or substituting cups or discs, special lengths and diameters, gauging plates, articulated joints, transmitter cavities, and magnet packs. The advantage of steel pigs is the ability to replace the wearing components (cups, discs, brushes, etc.), thereby rendering it a new pig.

Disc Displacement Pigs - used for standard pigging operations such as filling and dewatering during hydrostatic testing, routine batching operations, product removal, or any pigging operation requiring bidirectional use.
Batching / Cup-type - used for standard pigging operations such as filling and dewatering during hydrostatic testing, routine batching operations and product removal.
Brush Cleaning - used during pre-commission and on-stream cleaning where rust, mill scale, sand, wax, organic growth, mud, oxides, and other foreign matter exist. Sizes range from 2 through 48 , with brush configurations including wire wheel, split-ring, wrap-around, and spring-loaded.
Multi-Disc - multi-disc series of pigs allow for excellent sealing capabilities for performing the duties of batching, gauging, product removal, pre-commission and on-stream cleaning, or any pigging operation requiring bidirectional use. MDB includes wire brushes and the option of adding magnets.
Pig Train - Custom made to your requirements with 2 or 3 links BGD-