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Stick On Flange Protectors

Stick On Flange Protectors

The Stick-On Guard Flange Protector protects the raised face portion of your valves and flanges from abrasion. Without the hassle of duct tape, you will save time and money when using the Stick-On Guard Flange Protector for storage, sandblasting and/or painting. The Stick-On Guard Flange Protector is a flat, circular plastic disc with an adhesive back.  Flange protectors will allow your manufactured products to arrive at their destination in the same condition that they left in. Flange protection will save you the cost and time that will come from rejects and it is a way to have inexpensive insurance for your manufactured products.


Key Features:

  • Designed to cover the raised face of the flange.
  • Applied by peeling the paper backing, pressing firmly onto a clean, dry surface.
  • .062″ thick polyethylene disc with adhesive backing.
  • After sandblasting and/or painting, you simply peel off and toss away the shield, with no adhesive clean-up required.
  • Ideal Temp range of 50°F – 100°F.
  • Saves time from using Masking or duct-tape.
  • Any size is available.
  • Made in USA


A full range of Flange Protection is offered, to protect flanges during shipping & storage, including:

  • Plastic Snap On
  • Full face
  • Magnetic
  • Stick on
  • Plywood
  • Top hat
  • For class 150 through to 2500# depending on your selection

Flange Protectors are weather & UV resistant & injection moulded in polyethylene. Other options include: Pipe & tubing plugs and thread protectors

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