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Traxall 620 Pig Tracker

Traxall 620 Pig Tracker

The TRAXALL 620 can monitor up to three transmitter frequencies. Signal strength of each transmitter is intuitively indicated on its own horizontal row of scrolling LEDs, while a single knob adjusts the reception sensitivity of each frequency. This intuitive user interface means that the TRAXALL 620 receiver requires very little training and support -If you have had any experience at all tracking with a CDI system (or one of our competitor’s systems) you have nothing more to learn. It’s that easy. The only other controls are LED brightness and audio mute buttons, and, of course, an ON/OFF switch. That’s it! Eight sensitivity settings are neatly divided and labeled with their recommended use: PINPOINTING (low sensitivity), WALKING (medium sensitivity), and STATIONARY (high sensitivity). Extreme Weather? No Problem. The TRAXALL 620 was designed with extreme conditions in mind.  The system is fully functional from +85° all the way down to -40°C limited only by the chemistry of the installed batteries.

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