Weldmaster Butt Fusion Machines

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Hy-Ram has designed and manufactured high quality Butt Fusion Equipment for the world-wide market since the early 1980’s.  The latest WeldMaster range takes the Fully Automatic machine to the next level in terms of control, quality, connectivity, usability and smart technological features. The WeldMaster brings together a range of machines packed with practical mechanical design and technologically advanced software features…  all accessible from an intuitive new full-colour 7” TFT touchscreen interface. The machines offers the user simplistic operation whilst the functionality of the software automatically enables and records a host of smart features and information… accessible only if you need them!

Key Features:

  • Integrated RFID reader – monitoring training status and Operator ID
  • Touchscreen – 7” TFT Intuitive User Interface
  • Menu driven data entry plus touchscreen ‘QWERTY’ Keypad
  • Bluetooth Connectivity for smartphone apps and BDI tool
  • USB Connectivity
  • Embedded GPS for precise weld location stored with each joint record
  • ‘Scroll-back’ On-screen review of all joint data
  • Simple Text and Animated Graphic representation of ‘Next-step’ in welding cycle
  • Internal Memory for in excess of 1 million Joint Records
  • Option of bespoke Joint Data Analysis Software
  • Programmed with UK and International Welding Standards
  • Programmed for for 3 different types of Plastic Materials
  • Automatic ‘Dummy’ Weld Cycle when welding to the WIS standard
  • Early Warning Error Messages
  • On board Diagnostics software – Graphically driven for simplicity
  • Customisable for Owner’s Logo on ‘start-up’ screen
  • Customisable for welding of non-standard or ‘special’ pipe
  • Option for barcode Reader
  • Options for different International languages
  • Configurable for ‘Pupping’ / Welding of PE Fittings


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