180 & 200mm Squeeze Off Tool (63-180/200mm Hydraulic Squeeze Off Tool)

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63-180/200mm PE Pipe Squeeze Off

The SOU180 and SOU200 are used to limit the flow in PE pipe. Different diameters can be accommodated by using the appropriate pipe stop setting to ensure the optimum squeeze gap. These pipe Squeeze Off units have a pioneering ‘A’ Frame design that is extremely lightweight yet very robust for ‘in-trench’ conditions … the Frame folds and can be locked ‘flat’ for ease of carrying and transportation. The principle of operation is that the squeeze is carried out, the Top and Bottom beams are then mechanically locked together and then the ‘A’ Frame is detached and used in conjunction with a second beam set. Using this concept all four squeeze points are accomplished using just one ‘P Frame assembly and one Power Unit. Available in two options … as shown, with a pneumatic input / hydraulic output power unit or with a hydraulic hand-pump in lieu of the power unit and ‘spring return’ hydraulic cylinder. The Top Squeeze beam is fitted with ‘Pipe Stops’ to suit the diameter and wall thickness (SDR) of the pipe to be squeezed.

Key features

  • Powerful 15t hydraulic jack
  • Integral safety check screws/lock off bars
  • Incorporated spring jack release mechanism
  • CNC machined multisided stops
  • Long service life


    • SOU200 (65-200mm Diameter)
    • SOU250 (180-250mm Diameter)
    • SOU400 (250-400m Diameter)
    • SOU500 (315-500mm Diameter)