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Foam Pigs – A versatile cleaning device, used for drying, cleaning, batching and product removal operations. Common configurations include bare, criss-cross, wire-brush, plastic bristle, and silicon carbide. Pigs are also available with abrasive scourer ends, abrasive scourer wraps, abrasive grit coating, polyurethane coated and bevel tipped (for ease of launching). Foam pigs are also known as Swabs, ‘Foamies’ and Scrapers. PSSS supply foam Pig’s in 5 densities, light, low, intermediate, medium, and heavy density.

Foam Pigs can also be completely customised so if you cant find what your looking for we can make it!

Foam Pellets - Used for cleaning and wiping pipe sizes 6mm-50mm. The foam projectiles used for cleaning will travel through 90-degree bends “T” joints, coils and straight valves. Cleaning of hose and tube has never been efficient or easy. Available in low density, high density and grit coated.

4 Density Grades Available:

  • Low Density (26-28 kg/m3)

    Intermediate Density (35-40KG/M3)

    Medium Density (80-112Kg/M3)

    Heavy Density (128-160 kg/m3)


Pigging Philosophies also available:
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Pigging Guide

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