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WeldAnalysis software works alongside the OMS suite of weld inspection systems. WeldAnalysis records, analyses and reports the required information and allows operators to make decisions quickly. Providing evidence to show that project standards have been met, WeldAnalysis reports data that can be used for modelling and further analysis.


SmartFit™ technology provides the most comprehensive fit-up information on the market. Working in harmony with our measurement tools, SmartFit™ helps clients achieve the best possible fit-up, even in complex critical pipeline sections such as spool pieces, risers and stalk tie-ins. With SmartFit™, operators can meet project specifications, bring projects in on time and within budget, build the strongest possible pipelines and extend asset lifetime. For use with the OMS Autotool. 

Bevel Pro

Accurate bevel geometry leads to more efficient pipe fit-up, improved welding and superior pipeline integrity. Works alongside the OMS Bevel 360, which provides detailed information on pipe bevels prior to welding. Software provides an easy-to-read go/no go indicator and alerts users when tolerances are being approached.