Pipeline Weld Remediation: How OMS Smartgrind is Revolutionising the Pipeline Industry

Pipeline Weld Remediation: How OMS Smartgrind is Revolutionising the Pipeline Industry

Pipeline Weld Remediation: How OMS Smartgrind is Revolutionising the Pipeline Industry

Product spotlight series May 2024

In the pipeline and energy industries, maintaining high-quality welds is paramount for the longevity and safety of assets. OMS SmartGrind is a sophisticated system designed to identify and address weld defects early. Combining laser and camera inspection technology with powerful analysis software and targeted grinding, the system ensures that any issues are swiftly resolved and meet high quality standards. This spotlight delves into how these tools are innovating pipeline remediation processes and setting new benchmarks in the welding industry.

OMS SmartGrind: Precision in Weld Remediation

The OMS SmartGrind system is a state-of-the-art solution for identifying and removing weld defects with targeted grinding. Ideal for offshore wind, nuclear, and traditional energy markets, SmartGrind ensures surfaces are properly prepared for coating and cladding, significantly improving the quality and durability of welds.

Key Features and Benefits of OMS SmartGrind:

  • Early Detection and Remediation: SmartGrind addresses weld defects at an early stage, preventing more significant problems down the line.
  • Targeted Grinding: Uses a mounted flap disc to shape welds precisely, improving coatability and surface strength.
  • Safety Enhancement: The system deploys either via robotic crawlers, push rods, or can be attached, eliminating the need for man-entry and significantly improving safety.
  • Efficiency Boost: Reduces the need for expensive and time-consuming cut-outs, allowing production to proceed smoothly.
  • Modular Design: Can be further modulated to allow full flushing of the long-seam weld, ensuring thorough remediation. -> visit https://www.omsmeasure.com to read more on modulation. 

OMS Weld Inspection: Ensuring Weld Integrity

At the heart of the SmartGrind system is the AUGA.node, OMS’s award-winning weld inspection system, which uses ultra HD cameras and high-powered lasers to create a detailed 3D image of a pipe’s interior. WeldAnalysis software provides advanced analysis and monitoring of weld quality, enabling operators to make rapid, accurate decisions in the field and ensuring even the smallest defects can be identified, quantified and addressed. 

Key Features:

  • Accurate defect identification: the system precisely detects and quantifies weld defects, allowing for targeted remediation
  • Detailed reporting: WeldAnalysis software provides detailed reports for decision making and quality management
  • Improve efficiency: streamline the inspection and remediation process
  • Tried-and-tested technology: used worldwide in major energy projects

Key Benefits

  • Save money: install higher quality, longer lasting assets more efficiently
  • Increase productivity: streamlined installation, reduced downtime, fewer expensive cut-outs
  • Meet project specifications: achieve pipeline criteria with ease
  • Avoid disassembly and re-weld of pipeline where projects need remediation



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